NC sports betting sites

Welcome to the guide for NC sports betting sites, where you will find all information about online sports betting in North Carolina. We list all the licensed betting sites in the state so that you can more easily compare them all and find the best NC sports betting sites in 2024, according to your needs.

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NC online sports betting guide


With more and more sports betting bills being submitted, it is not at all impossible that we will soon see the legalization of sports betting in North Carolina. It is clear that residents of the state want to see the legalization of sports betting, and the current bill would, if approved, expand the sports betting market in the state to the online market.

If online North Carolina sports betting were to be legalized, it would mean that we would see at least ten online sports betting sites open up in the state. A well-approved range of sites, with plenty of betting to take part in.

Legal sports gambling in North Carolina

Despite the lack of both online casinos and online sports betting, there is a lot of legal gambling in North Carolina.

In fact, they actually belong to one of the states in the country, which has the kindest view of gambling, and residents can choose to gamble with real money in several ways in the state.

North Carolina is also well on its way to legalizing online sports betting, which would open up for even more opportunities. For example, online gambling, such as slots or online poker, may also be legalized shortly after that. Below we list all legal gambling in North Carolina, in which you can now take part in:

  • Land-based gambling (tribal only)
  • Sports betting (tribal only)
  • State lottery
  • Charitable gambling (bingo and raffles)

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Best NC sports betting sites


 Take a look at our list below to compare all licensed sports betting sites in North Carolina. Filter by desired criteria, or sort for the biggest offers, or lowest deposit requirements, to more easily find the best NC online sports betting sites in 2024, according to your preferences.

Expected NC sports betting operators

Since online new sportsbooks in NC are not yet legalized, we have no licensed sites in the state to present.

Instead, we have created a list of the expected online betting sites to launch in North Carolina and based it on which ones in the country that holds the most licenses. Take a look at the list below, and read more about the sports betting sites and what you can gain from them.


The Caesars betting site is one of the gaming companies on the market, which has among the most licenses for online sports betting in the United States.

This is totally fair, as there are a lot of fun sports betting to pick up here. They have a superb range of sports to place bets on, as well as incredible offers and boosters that give your wagers an extra push in a great direction.

This sports betting site in NC further has among the best odds on the market, already without boosters, and it is, therefore, no wonder that they are a player favorite. We really hope to see the betting site in NC as soon as possible.


Another sports betting site that is incredibly popular is the BetMGM NC betting site. Here at this betting site in NC, one can both find a good selection of sports to play on and lots of games and ongoing tournaments with fantastic odds.

This NC sports betting site is predicted to be launched as soon as online sports betting has been legalized. They have set their sights on expanding the market, and we sure hope that they will.


Today, DK holds nearly 15 sports betting licenses in states around the country, shocking players with their fantastic range of sports. Of course, does this sports betting site also has more than a large selection of sports, such as good odds and advantageous rewards in abundance.

Hopefully, we can soon bet online at DraftKings NC and take part in all the wonderful things they have to offer.

Sports betting NC markets


Since it will probably soon be possible for one to bet online in NC, it may be helpful to know more exactly about what sports that will be available to bet on.

The section below will therefore list all the sports to bet on in NC, as well as which sports teams from the state that one will be able to place wagers on. So read more for further information on the future of online sports betting in North Carolina.

Sports to bet on in NC

When it comes to online sports betting in NC, the range of sports looks a little more different than at retail. However, we would say that the range is significantly larger and can offer both more and unique sports to bet on.

Below we have made a complete list of all sports to bet on in NC. It is probably the case that not all sports will be available in the list of all NC sportsbooks, as each gaming company chooses which ones they want to be present.

North Carolina sports teams

Betting online is both a type of gambling about chance and skill and, to some extent, requires quite a lot of knowledge to win big. It is both easier and smarter to place wagers on North Carolina sports teams if you are from the state and have an expertise of the teams and the sports they play within.

It goes without saying, as you then know how your team plays, as well as which player usually scores some points, etc. You can thus place bets on your favorite North Carolina sports teams and win money while cheering on your team.

The following North Carolina sports teams play in the professional leagues and will in the future be able to place bets on in the state:

  • Carolina Cobras (NAL)
  • Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
  • The Carolina Panthers (NFL)
  • Charlotte Hornets (NBA)
  • Charlotte Sting (WNBA)
  • Charlotte Checkers (AHL)
  • The North Carolina Courage (NWSL)

Bet on events in NC

One type of betting that has become increasingly popular and in demand in recent times is to bet on events in NC. Betting on events thus not only means placing wagers on sports games, tournaments, and leagues but also includes other happenings.

These happenings can be anything from sports-related such as the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, or March Madness, but can also include non-sports-related events such as the VMA’s or the presidential election.

Being able to bet on events in NC is something that we see is badly longed for, but it has not yet been decided whether it will be included in the legalization of online sports betting.

Whether it will be possible to place bets on events in North Carolina remains to be seen. But if so, events like the ones presented below may be available with good odds.

Benefits of sports betting in North Carolina


There are several benefits to online betting and for you who choose to place wagers from your mobile. Below we list the three main benefits of online betting, which have already convinced most betting players to move to the online market.

1. Lots of offers

The offers are distributed extensively by the sports betting sites, and you get the first one already when you register and make your first deposit. We call this offer a welcome offer.

It can be anything from a matchup for your first deposit to you being able to place a risk-free bet or having a certain amount deposited upon registration that you can use to play for free. Getting access to NC sportsbook promos is great and incredibly beneficial for us players.

2. Convenient with online betting in NC

Another benefit that is especially important to mention is how extremely convenient it is to bet online. The only thing required of you as a player is a computer, tablet or mobile as well as a proper internet connection. Suddenly you can place bets whenever you want, from wherever you want within the state.

Choose to play 15 minutes in the morning before going to work or spend an entire weekend in front of sports on the TV while placing bets. You choose yourself, how much you wish to play, when you want, and where you want to play.

3. Live betting on your mobile

When you choose to register at an online sports betting site, you get access to live betting on your mobile.

Download one of the NC sports betting apps for your chosen online betting site in NC and place bets live during the game. This way, you get more control over your already placed wagers and can set new ones according to how the game runs.

Something that usually goes hand in hand during live betting in the apps is the availability to stream the games directly on the mobile. You then do not have to sit in front of a TV, as you can connect to the stream through the app. Perfect for you who are on the go and do not have time to sit down to watch the game.

Online betting in North Carolina


As it begins to address the possible legalization of online sports betting in the state, it is probably high time for us to prepare you for the future online betting sites in North Carolina.

We do this most easily by going through the process on how to register at a betting site in North Carolina and present the payment methods that will be available. Take a look at the instructions and the lists for these below to prepare yourself for all the online betting sites that will launch in NC.

Register at a betting site in North Carolina

Take some time and explore the list of all licensed betting sites in North Carolina that are available to choose from. After that, you can simply come back here to follow our step-by-step guide on how to register at a betting site in North Carolina.

The registration process is both quick and easy to get through and does not require much effort or information.

  1. Pick an NC online sports betting site to start betting at.
  2. Go to the site, and choose to sign up for a new gaming account.
  3. Select and fill in your email address, as well as the desired username and password for your new gaming account, then click next.
  4. Fill in the registration form that appears with basic information about yourself.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions of play at your chosen NC betting site, and confirm your membership.

Congratulations, you have now registered on a betting site in North Carolina! Choose to look around at the betting site and all that it has to offer, or make your first deposit to start placing wagers immediately.

Payment methods at NC online sports betting

When it comes to listing all payment methods at NC online sports betting, it is a bit difficult to predict which ones that will be available so far in advance. A fast payout option in NC is something we also want to see in the state.

Instead, we have produced a list of the most common banking methods on online sports betting sites in the United States. In all probability, these will also be available on betting sites in NC once the legalization takes place.

FAQ’s about NC sports betting sites

Can I bet online in NC?

No, it is not yet possible to bet online in NC, as the state has not yet chosen to legalize online sports betting.

Is online sports betting legal in North Carolina?

No, online sports betting is not legal in North Carolina, and we do not recommend anyone to play at offshore sports betting in the state as these are not safe and licensed.

Can I bet at William Hill in NC?

No, you can not bet at William Hill in NC, as they do not hold a license for online sports betting in the state.

Where can I find all NC online sports betting offers?

When online sports betting in North Carolina is legalized, we will present all licensed sites here with us, along with their available features.

Which is the best online betting site in North Carolina?

There are currently no online betting sites in North Carolina, so the best one cannot be crowned.

When will online sports betting be legalized in North Carolina?

It is still difficult to say when online sports betting will be legalized in North Carolina. However, a new bill has been submitted for this, which may legalize online sports betting and distribute a total of 10 licenses to applicant sites.

Can I bet online on events in NC?

No, it is currently not possible to bet on events in NC.