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Event betting in NC

Who says you have to be a sports fan to wager on sportsbook sites? While sports betting is the number one way for bookies to make money, it isn’t the only way. There are tons of event betting options in NC for anyone looking to place a bet.

NC event betting

Are you obsessed with reality t.v and enjoy the thrill of waiting to see if your top pick is also the top pick of the public? Do you like watching the Grammys because you constantly choose the correct nominee? Are you a football fanatic who lives to predict the outcome of big games? Then event betting is made for you.

In this article, we will discuss the many ways of betting on current events, world events, entertainment, celebrity deaths (yes, that is a thing), and so much more.

The best event betting offers in North Carolina 2024

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Sportsbooks with event betting odds in NC

There are a lot of sports betting sites online that offer event betting options in NC. However, not all of them are well-known, reputable, or even legal. Here are four NC sportsbooks that we personally feel are great options for all of your betting needs

Draftkings event odds

DraftKings sportsbook NC page is easy to use and offers a professional platform that makes wagering and banking a breeze. Here you will find a ton of betting options as well frequent promos and bonuses.

FanDuel betting events

The FanDuel NC sportsbook page and app are user-friendly and provide amazing customer service that is readily available to help with all your questions. The deals are great, and the odds are more than fair.

BetMGM event lines

BetMGM is a popular sportsbook with a reputable name. This site is safe and secure, keeping your information out of the view of criminals. In addition, they offer frequent promotions and a large sports market for betting options.

Caesars sportsbook event odds

Caesars sportsbook is known for being professional, reputable, and top-notch. In addition, the event betting options are updated rapidly, offering hundreds of bets throughout the day on just about any sports or event you can think of.

North Carolina sports events betting

There are many styles of sports event betting that are popular with NC sports betting sites these days. Many of them are exciting and appeal to all different types of people keeping the markets open to just about everyone. Here is a list of just a few of the most popular types of sports events NC betting has to offer.

The Olympics

Wagering on the Olympics is very similar to betting on sporting events that are more common on sports betting sites. However, because this is such a significant event and is comprised of many different sports, wagering on the Olympics is an event in itself.

You can wager on the Olympics with most of the common types of bets like futures, props, and parlays. Parlays are a great option for this type of event betting because you can use so many options to create a great combination of bets.

Sportsbooks everywhere will be offering great odds and tons of promotions during the Olympics to encourage players to get in on the action and put some money on their home teams.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a massive moneymaker for sportsbooks everywhere, and this is one of the biggest sporting events for event betting in NC. The game is always held on the first Sunday in February, making it one of the largest markets for wagering in the new year.

You will find endless bets when putting money on the Super Bowl, so it is highly recommended you compare different book’s odds and offers.

This is also one of the best events to place futures bets. So many people will wager on the Super Bowl during pre-season to lock in a bet before the games have even started.

Moneylines and point spreads are usually among the tops ways to wager on the Super Bowl, but entertainment prop bets, live-betting, and over-under (totals) are also frequently played.

Betting on current and future events in NC

These events are rarer to find odds on than sports events, but that does not mean that the betting operators don’t include them in their markets.


There are, surprisingly, quite a few different bets based around the existence of aliens, bigfoot, Nessie, and many more otherworldly creatures. Although it may sound insane, these wagers are pretty popular, and some of the odds are actually pretty high, and the betting markets can be a little over the top.

We found some entertaining alien bets on a few different reputable sports betting sites. A few examples include:

  • What will be captured and displayed first, aliens or bigfoot?
  • Will a UFO be captured before 2024?
  • What city will have the next report of an alien abduction that can’t be debunked?

All of these wagers were Moneyline bets, and the odds of aliens being found before bigfoot are significantly higher.

The next Nobel Prize Winner

The Nobel Prize is actually six awards handed out to the six people who have made the most beneficial contributions to the world each year in six categories.

  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Literature
  • Peace
  • Economic Sciences
  • Physics

It is easy to see how you can easily play a Moneyline wager in each of these categories; however, this bet provides excellent opportunities for parlays and futures bets.

Because there are no lists of nominees available (at least not to the public) for this event, you can wager on literally anyone who has made any type of difference in society over the last 12 months.

As you have probably already guessed, these types of open-ended bets, where there can be hundreds of options, are pretty hard to win, so it would be wise not to wager too much money.

Political bets

As you can probably assume, political bets are plentiful and can get pretty heated; this makes the subject the perfect market for sportsbooks to add to their site. The more passionate people are about the bets they place, the higher the stacks will get.

Betting on political events isn’t always about U.S. politics either. Actually, it seems that many sportsbooks enjoy bringing the royal family to the forefront of their betting markets. For example, we have seen a Moneyline bet from whether or not Prince Charles will become King by 2025 to prop bets like “who will have the next royal baby.”.

In the U.S., you may find some promising futures betting options on things like, “what will the political scandal? Or “ What will be the next big administrative change.?”

If you are looking to make decent money while wagering on event bets, political bets offer desirable payouts for a small amount down. If you consider placing bets on political events, it is crucial you follow the news and know what is going on in the world and the popular public opinions.

Who will be named the next Time’s “Person Of The Year”

Time magazine puts out a special edition every year to recognize one person who has made substantial contributions to the world. In the past, this company has featured a number of incredible people in the magazine, giving readers important information regarding the work they have done.

In the past, Times has named Bill Clinton (1998), The Guardians and the War on Truth(2018), and Greta Thunberg (2019). In 1999, Albert Einstien was named man of the century, giving credit where credit was definitely due.

Currently, there are many sportsbooks with a large variety of candidates with bets on who will be the next cover story. We have already seen wagers with odds on the winning options being Cardi B, Beyonce, Donald Trump, and “doctors, nurses, and first responders” (being on top).

Movie and Music Awards

Some of the more fun event bets come from the world of entertainment, especially during award ceremonies where you can wager on your favorite actors and music artists. Throughout the year, there are numerous events that take place, giving bettors many opportunities to join in on the fun.

  • Emmy Awards
  • Grammy Awards
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • CMT Awards
  • Academy Awards
  • American Music Awards

There is a lot of room for betting during any one of these events, or if interested, all of them. Parlays are played often combining categories within one awards ceremony or by offering legs in all of them.

A good example of a parlay would be to choose who will win the best song of the year in 3 or more music event categories.

We have found many sites offering odds during the academy awards on who will be nominated as the best actor of the year and who will take home the title of “best director” or “best picture.”

These types of bets are a little easier to wager on than some of the other events because you have a list of nominees, and you can do your homework to figure out who has the best chances in public opinion then compare them to the odds being offered by the books.

Morbid Betting

Yes, there are people out there who like to keep things dark, even when placing bets. However, there is a whole slew of betting options for those who like to think a little more on the morbid side of things.

There are legit gambling sites that offer big wagers on things like death, destruction, and Maham. The list below provides betting options that you can find on legal betting sites when participating in N.C. event betting.

  • Which celebrity will be the next to die-Betty White (-260) vs. Carol Burnett (+200), Rosie O’Donnell (-150) vs. Rosanne Barr (+110), Charlie Sheen (-200) vs. Magic Johnson (+160)
  • First to die “Football Players Tied to Murders”– (O.J Simpson(-1000), Rae Carruth +300, or Ray Lewis +2000)
  • How the world will end (not sure how to collect on this one???)– Zombie plague, Plants Becoming Sentient, aliens, vampires.)
  • How a famous person died before the information was released?– A drug overdose, car accident, murder, etc.

These types of bets are not for everyone and also seem very offensive to some. However, for those who do enjoy these types of wagers, there are plenty of online sportsbooks offering different types of morbid markets.


Reality t.v. has a giant pool of bettors for many of the sportsbooks that offer these types of event betting. A lot of realty t.v. fans become emotionally invested in many of these shows and will go to the books with confidence because they know so much about all of the people involved.

Some of the best t.v. Shows to wager on include American Idol, The Bachelor, and Dancing with the stars.

However, it isn’t only reality t.v. that is holding a huge market in sports betting these days. You also have the option to wager on your favorite sitcoms, drama series, and even cartoons.

Wagering on shows like Keeping up With the Kardashians or Married at First Sight will include options for great prop bets. A lot of these more “dramatic” reality shows are perfect for deciding what is going to come up in the real world for these celebs after the show has aired.

Honestly, we could really go on and on with different types of prop bets that will definitely pique your interest, but we are pretty sure you get the point.

Event betting in NC FAQs

Is it legal to wager on celebrity deaths in N.C. event betting?

Yes, not only is it legal to wager on celebrity deaths, but sportsbooks make a killing off of them. (no pun intended). You can also wager on celebrity divorces, marriages, and pregnancies.

What types of events can you wager on in N.C. event betting?

You can wager on just about anything as long as you can find a sportsbook that offers these bets. The biggest events wagered on in N.C. are presidential bets, entertainment bets, and the Super Bowl.

Can you live-bet on events in N.C.?

There are not a lot of live-betting options offered on event betting for the most part unless you are wagering on things like FIFA, the Super Bowl, or the World Cup.

Are there promos and bonuses for event betting in N.C.?

Yes. Just like in any other type of wager, you can often times find great deals for N.C. event betting on sportsbook websites and social media pages.

Who can bet on events in N.C.?

All residents living in the state of North Carolina are legally allowed to bet if they are 21 years of age and over and are residing in the state at the time of betting.