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NC Sports Betting Odds

NC sports betting odds can be a little confusing for many bettors and can even change the way you place bets. This is why it is so essential for anyone wagering on sporting events to understand what betting odds are, how they are determined, and how you can use them to your own advantage.

Guide to NC sports betting odds

Do you know where those odds listed in the box on the sportsbook page came from? DO you know what they mean? Do you have any idea of how to figure them out for yourself? If not, it is crucial you read this article on NC sports betting odds.

Here we will be discussing all of the different types of odds used by sports betting sites, how they come up with their numbers, and how these odds can make a massive difference on how much you are set to win.

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Best sportsbooks for NC sports betting odds

Before you can bet on your favorite sports teams and players, you first need to find some great NC online sportsbooks that provide fair odds, excellent customer service, and plenty of promotions and bonuses, helping you make and save money every time you bet.

Here are a few sportsbooks we feel make great choices for any sports bettor.

Fanduel odds

Fanduel is a top-rated sportsbook company that frequently provides a wide variety of sports bets and several promotions and bonuses. The site is easy to use, and customer service is superb.

BetMGM betting odds

BetMGM is a well-known brand that is popular for a sleek and exciting platform with a user-friendly app and tons of great live betting options. In addition, this company has a secure site and offers a safe betting environment.

Draftkings odds

The Draftkings sportsbook is popular for its wagering options on a massive amount of options. In addition, they provide frequent promotional deals and a fantastic mobile app that is easy to use.

Caesars sportsbook odds

Caesar’s sportsbook is a reputable sportsbook with fantastic customer reviews and excellent customer service. They offer a generous amount of promotions often, and their odds are more than fair.

Sports betting – all types of bets in NC

There is no type of bet in NC that doesn’t require the utilization of odds in sports betting. NC sports betting sites literally use these numbers in order to set up every wager they play.


Odds in parlays will look very different depending on the sportsbook you are using. That’s why it is important to have multiple sports betting accounts so you can locate the best options.

A parlay is a bet where you can group a bunch of bets into one, and the odds are locked in until the games are over and the bets are made. If you lose any of the bets you made, you lose them all.


MoneyLines are the most common forms of sports betting wagers you are going to find. These are the easiest “who will win” bets out there and are known for having the best odds. The best part about Moneylines is that you can wager on the favorite or the underdog and still get a fair bet.

To make things even, the underdog requires less money down to win more, and you will need to put more money down on the favorite for a small payout.


Betting on futures wagers can be complicated, and the lines can and will probably move multiple times by the bookie, meaning your best isn’t always full-proof. However, putting money down on an event that is set to take place for a few weeks or even months can be risky and provide a great payout.

Point Spreads

On a point spread line, you will find that each team has a fair and even shot at winning, whether they technically win the game or now. This is because a point spread starts the game by giving the underdog additional points and the favorites negative.

North Carolina sports betting odds explained

Betting odds is the term used to describe the likelihood of your pick winning a game, which determines how much money you are looking to make depending on the team, person, or event you are wagering on.

The odds are pre-determined by the bookie, and it is up to the bettor to choose the sportsbooks offering the better odds. Most bookies use an odd betting predictor that will take the odds of large betting sites and follows the number of people wagering and what they are wagering on.

Types of NC sports betting odds

There are three different types of NC sports betting odds used on sportsbook sites. American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds.

American-style odds are the most common form of betting odds you will see on any North Carolina sports betting page. However, most sportsbooks offer the option to change your odds to decimals (European odds) or to fractions (British odds).

All three of these options are simply different ways to read the same odds in a bet. No matter which version you choose, you will be wagering the same way as anyone else, putting money down on each bet.

American Style odds

You are probably already pretty familiar with American-style betting odds. This betting style uses positive and negative signs to indicate how much money will need to be placed to win a specific amount.

Let’s use a game of basketball, for example. You are rooting for team A, who is considered the underdog in this bet, meaning they are less likely to win the game. Your friend is wagering on team B, which is the favorite (has the best chances of winning based on performance).

The sportsbook site you are using places the odds at Team A (+125) and Team B (-175). That means you will need to put a $100 wager down in order to win $125. However, because the chances of Team B winning are much higher, your friend will need to wager $175 in order to win $100.

All American bets are based around $100. However, you can wager however much you want. For example, say you wanted to be $10 on team A, you would stand the chance of winning $12.50 plus your wager for a total of $22.50.

Decimal Style

The decimal-style odds are rather simple to figure out and are most popular in Europe but are still regularly used in American sportsbooks. If this way is easier for you, you have many options for sports betting sites to find this type of wagering.

To figure out the odds in the decimal system, you simply multiply the amount of money you are putting down on a team by the decimal associated with that bet provided by the sportsbook.

You want to place money down on fighter A in a UFC match, and your friend is wagering on fighter B. The books created odds that read fighter A, the underdog, (1.45) and fighter B, the favorite (2.50).

If you put $10 down on fighter A and they won, you will win 14.50. If your friend places a $25 bet on fighter B and they win, that is a prize of $62.50; these numbers include your initial wager you get back as well as your profit.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are known as the oldest form of betting odds, used in the beginning days of sports betting. They are written in the form of a fraction and determine how much money you will win for each dollar you put down.

So, when wagering on a hockey game, the books will show Team A 4/1 and Team B 8/6. This shows that team A is the underdog in the game because you have the potential to win $4 for every $1 you put down. Let’s say you put down $25 on team A and they win. You then get back a total of $100.

Team B is the obvious favorite because you are winning less money for every dollar placed on the bet. For example, if you were to wager $12 on team B and they win, you would make a total of $16 with a profit of only $4.

Why should you understand your odds?

It is extremely important for all bettors to have a firm understanding of betting odds and can read the style they choose to wager in. This way, you can compare odds and lines, and you aren’t shocked at a significant loss or win that wasn’t expected or planned.

Because the odds are going to help you determine who has a better chance at winning, you can create the best bet to make sure you bring in the ideal win.

How do sportsbooks make their money in NC?

Sportsbooks are not around just for your entertainment; they are here to make good money by taking yours. So, how is it that they profit if winning bettors are being paid by those losing? Wouldn’t that make things pretty equal?

Well, it turns out, everything links right back to the odds. Bookies make their money by finagling the odds in their favor, not yours, not your opponents, and not the games being played.

All sportsbooks will create a profit margin on the odds offered to the bettors. However, these margins are much closer to the actual profit margin, basically taking a cut of each winner’s earnings.

What to look for in a sportsbook before wagering

You have to be very comfortable with a sports betting site for you to place bets you feel 100% satisfied with. Unfortunately, many sites out there can be sketchy and can be scams, while others can just stink.

For these reasons, we have come up with a list of things to watch for when wagering on sports through different sports betting sites.

Security features

Every site you put money on and your personal information in must provide security programs with encrypted data to keep hackers out of your personal and private information. There are numerous ways for sportsbooks to keep you safe, so it is important to check ahead of time to make sure they are using them.

Customer service

Excellent customer service means a great number of options to contact the company for help. A good sportsbook page should provide multiple ways for bettors to get in touch with professionals when they have any questions or comments at all times.


All sportsbooks will offer promotions and bonuses to draw more players in and create significant incentives for people to bet on games they may not have otherwise. There is a whole slew of promos you can find, so always check these sites to get up-to-date deals.

Sports markets

Each sportsbook should provide a large market of sports and events to wager on. However, you shouldn’t be limited to where you can and can not bet your money. If a company doesn’t offer a large number of sports, they may not be worth your time.

NC sports betting odds FAQs

What is the most common style of odds used in NC?

The American-style odds are the most frequently used type of odds found in the US. Therefore, this form of betting odds will be what you will often see on most sports betting sites.

Who decides the odds for each bet?

The bookmaker is in charge of determining the odds used in every bet. They will do this by researching and finding the true odds for each match-up and then moving the margin slightly to make a profit no matter what.

Where do you find sportsbooks with the best NC sports betting odds?

You can find the best sportsbook by checking out the options we have listed above. You can also search for licensed sportsbooks in NC.

Why would the odds and lines move on a bet?

Bookies have the right to move the line when the original outcome predicted has changed due to outside factors, such as injuries to star players or a storm appearing out of nowhere.

What is an odds boost?

An odds boost is a promotional tactic to push the odds in favor of the bettor, usually by taking from the vig. (the bookie’s fee.)