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New sportsbooks NC

Are you looking for new sportsbooks in NC? There are several newly launched sports betting sites that are worth your attention. On this page, we’ll keep bettors in NC informed about new sportsbooks and everything they need to know about joining.

Finding new sportsbooks NC

If you’re looking for a new betting site to start placing bets on your favorite sports or test your luck at the online casino, there are many great options in NC. New sportsbooks have been launching in NC, giving bettors more options to place bets from the comfort of their homes.

There are many advantages of joining new sportsbooks, which we will cover on this page.

We will also discuss some of the best new sportsbooks NC that have high ratings and what you need to look for when you join.

New sportsbooks are launching frequently, which is great news for bettors in NC looking for more options. Keep reading to learn more about these new NC sportsbooks.

Top new betting sites in North Carolina 2024

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What you should know about new sportsbooks NC

The world of online betting is still considered new in NC. While there are many established betting sites that are licensed and have great reputations, but there are still labeled as new. Why is this?

Online gambling in the US was first legally launched in 2018. Many players would register to the sites to place wagers in the online casinos and poker rooms. However, it wasn’t until 3 years later when sports betting became legal in 2021. This changed the online betting market in the US because more people wanted to join to place wagers on their favorite sports.

Sports betting is very high in demand across NC, and new sportsbook operators are launching nearly every month. When it comes to placing bets, people want to know they are in safe hands. However, new doesn’t always mean inexperienced. As long as the sportsbook is legal in NC, the odds and promotions could be worth checking out.

Advantages of joining a new NC sportsbook

A lot of people are hesitant about joining a new sportsbook. We don’t blame them. After all, when you put down money, you want to make sure the bookie is legitimate. However, people often think that an established online casino is a better choice because they are familiar with the platform and how they operate.

However, when people give new sportsbooks a chance, they are often surprised by what they are offered. So let’s take a look at some of the advantages of joining new sportsbooks NC.

New sportsbook bonuses NC

Every time you join a new betting site, there will be a welcome bonus. New bettors should never ignore these promotions because they are a great way to increase your chances of winning and get more bets for your money. Many new sports betting sites know they have to work hard to get people’s attention, so they will offer more attractive bonuses for joining.

What kind of welcome offers could you see from a new sportsbook? Let’s take a look at some of the top offers:

  • Free bets: This offer is exactly how it sounds. A free bets offer means that the sportsbook will give your account a certain number of bets you can place in the sportsbook free on the house.
  • Risk-free bet: A risk-free bet allows you to place your first bet risk-free. If you lose, the sportsbook will credit you back the amount spent on the bet so you can try again without cost.
  • Deposit bonus: The sportsbook will offer you a bonus based on how much your first deposit was. Deposit bonuses typically range anywhere from 25% to 100%.
  • Deposit match: When you make your first deposit in the sportsbook, they will match that amount with credits in the sportsbook. The deposit match can’t be withdrawn and must be used on bets. However, any winnings will be available to cash out.
  • No deposit bonus: This offer is when a member is awarded a certain amount in credits on their sportsbook. Usually, these offers are given out when a new member has been referred by a friend.

Competitive betting market NC

One thing that a lot of bettors have noticed is that long-term NC online sportsbooks don’t have competitive odds. When sports bettors put down money, they want to see a high payout. In order to compete with established names in sports betting, many new sportsbooks will offer much more competitive odds. This means that you could see more money on a win.

For example, North Carolina Panthers are playing Miami Dolphins, and you would like to wager $5 on a moneylines bet for the Panthers to win. However, when you take a look at the odds and your possible payouts, you may notice that the well-established betting site offers a $7 payout, where the new sportsbook offers a $13 payout.

More is better for betting in North Carolina

Just because you are making room for the new doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the old. Actually, it could pay to place bets with new and old betting sites. The thing with sports betting is that there is no exact strategy to winning a bet. There’s always the risk of losing, no matter how sure you feel about the outcome.

Having an account with more than one NC sports betting site allows you to keep an eye on various different betting markets. It also allows you the opportunity to see a win either way. This is because you could place a bet on your favorite team with one sportsbook and bet against them in another.

Best new sportsbooks in NC

Now that we’ve caught your attention on why you should give new sportsbooks a chance, we should introduce you to some of the best NC new gambling sites. So get your wagers ready because these are some of the best new sportsbooks now available in NC.


Fanduel is a popular sportsbook in the US that is now available in NC. It has a strong reputation for its reliable mobile app and attractive sign-up bonus. What many members like best are that they don’t have to wait for their winnings, they can cash out at any time.


Bettors don’t need a lot of convincing when it comes to joining Draftkings for sports betting. There are so many ways to win, including many daily and fantasy contests. On average, they pay out over $1 billion in prizes each year.


Caesars Sportsbook is one of the most reliable new sportsbooks in North Carolina. They have reliable software and security, so all bettors’ information remains safe. People feel more confident about joining Caesars because this sportsbook also has one of the best customer support teams that can help you out in any scenario.


Even though joining a new betting site is safe, many people still want to join a franchise that they are familiar with. BetMGM is a new sportsbook in NC, but the name isn’t new. BetMGM is a part of the MGM franchise, which many bettors across North Carolina are familiar with.

What you should look for when you join a new NC sportsbook

We mentioned some of the best new sportsbooks NC has to offer, but we know many will continue to launch in the future, and some of them are likely to catch your attention. Joining a new sportsbook has its advantages, but you should always review a few things before joining to make sure you are joining the right sportsbook.

Are they legal?

Now that sports betting is legal, launching a new bookie is easier. However, that hasn’t stopped illegal gambling sites from appearing in the search engine as well. So before you join a new sports betting site, you should always confirm that they are a legal website.

How do you do this? First, take a look around the sportsbook website. In order for a sportsbook to be legal, it must have a license to operate in NC. All licensed operators will post this information on their website in a spot where members can easily find it. In addition, many sportsbooks will list this information at the very bottom of their homepage.

Banking options

Sports betting is fun, but winning is a lot better. For this reason, you should know which banking methods are accepted by the sportsbook before joining. Also, be sure to review their deposit and withdrawal policy. Many sportsbooks accept several banking methods for deposits but are more limited when it comes to collecting withdrawals.

It’s also important that you’re aware of any fees you may encounter, know how long the deposit/ withdrawal times take, and if there is a deposit limit on your account. Many sportsbooks will add a deposit limit because they want their members to gamble responsibly.

Other features to pay attention to

Before you register, you should also review the following features to make sure the sportsbook is the right choice for you:

  • Mobile app for betting
  • Availability and reliability of customer support
  • Live betting options
  • Can you watch the game live from your sportsbook?
  • Betting odds
  • Reputation and previous customer reviews
  • Coverage of sports, events, and betting markets

Signing up for new bettings sites in NC

Registering for a new betting site in North Carolina is quick and easy. Most new sportsbooks are able to verify the account instantly, which means you can make a deposit and start placing bets right away. However, before you join, you should keep in mind that sportsbooks will need to verify your identity. This means you’ll be required to enter minimal personal information and a social security number.

When you’re ready to join a new sportsbook, you can do this directly from the website of your sportsbook of choice. Typically you can find the “Join” or “Sign up” button on the top right corner of the page. Once you click that button, you will be redirected to the sign-up page, where you will have to fill out your information.

Upon registration, you will need to create a unique username and password, which you will use every time you log in to the site. If you are using a promo code for a sign-up offer, you may be required to enter it during registration. However, some sportsbooks will request that code for the first deposit.

New sportsbooks NC FAQ

How old do I need to be to join a newly launched betting site NC?

All new sportsbooks must follow North Carolina’s gambling laws. This means that players must be at least 21 years old to join the website. Betting laws prohibit anyone under that age from gambling.

Is it safe to make a deposit with new NC sportsbooks?

Every business needs to start somewhere, and bookies are no different. New doesn’t mean risky. If the new sportsbook is legal and licensed to operate in NC, then it is safe to make a deposit. The sportsbook uses software and encryption to make sure all of your personal information stays private on the site.

What sports will be available in new NC sportsbooks?

New sportsbooks will have the same betting options as other sportsbooks. In addition, they will have all the major sporting leagues, as well as a wide selection of NCAA, international, MMA, and women’s sports. Most sportsbooks will also feature racing, which includes auto and horse. Major events, like the Olympics, will also be available.

Are there fees for joining new sportsbooks NC?

No, it’s free to join a new sportsbook in NC. Actually, most sportsbooks will offer a bonus or something for free just for joining.

How can I tell if a new betting site NC is risky?

Always check for a license listed on the sportsbook’s homepage. Another clue that could point to whether or not they are trustworthy is the symbol in the URL bar. If you see a lock, then the site has security. However, if it’s an exclamation point in a triangle, the site is risky.