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NC Football betting

With NC football betting now legal in the state, a lot of people are understandably interested in placing football bets. With multiple North Carolina football betting sites available, jumping into gambling is easier than ever before.

The beginner’s guide to NC football betting

Getting started with North Carolina football betting doesn’t need to be difficult. If you already understand football, then you are well on your way to making some rather solid bets.

The whole process will begin with choosing the best sportsbooks for NC football betting. There are dozens of them, but only a few sites that offer a fantastic gambling experience.

Before you place your bets, you should have a solid understanding of how football betting odds work. Once you know how to read betting odds and understand the various betting markets available for football betting, you will be able to jump in and win some cash rather quickly.

On this page, we are going to tell you all that you need to know for getting started with football betting lines at the best football betting sites.

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Choosing a sportsbook for NC football betting

For our first step, we are going to give you an overview on how you can choose a sportsbook to gamble at. These are the things that should be running through your head when you find a site that you potentially want to gamble at.

How good are their betting odds?

Obviously, people gamble to win cash. This means that the first thign you need to pay attention to will be the betting odds. No site will consistently offer the best odds. This means that most avid gamblers will be signed up to a few different sportsbooks.

Do they offer the football bets that you want to make?

If you want to bet on the NFL, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Every sportsbook in North Carolina is going to have NFL betting. If you want college football markets, then you may need to hunt around a little bit.

Do they support your banking method?

Do they support whatever method you have at your disposal to get money in and out of your account? If they don’t, then give them a skip.

What are their betting bonuses like?

Are there bonuses for new gamblers? What are they like?

Your main consideration should be how they reward regular gamblers, though. If you are going to be gambling a lot, then you want some sort of incentive there.

How is their customer support team?

Not much to say here. Of course, you want a customer support team that is going to be easy to get in touch with.

Top North Carolina football sportsbooks

Our step 2 is to listen to what other people recommend when it comes to the list of online sportsbooks in NC.

We have already given you the tools that you need to find your own sportsbook to gamble at. This is useful knowledge. However, we don’t really see the point in treading new ground. There is no sense in you putting in the hard work to track down an awesome sportsbook when others have already put the work in.

This is why we are going to share with you our personal recommendations for the best sportsbooks for football betting in NC.

Caesars football betting

Caesars Sportsbook is one of the largest sportsbooks in the state. This means that you can enjoy betting on tons of football games. They go heavy on the prop bets too.

BetMGM football betting lines

BetMGM is one of our favorite sites to head to when we are on the hunt for awesome betting odds. They have regular enhanced odds bonuses, particularly during some of the bigger games of the year.

Fanduel football betting odds

Love your live betting? Well, Fanduel may be a site that is worth checking out. They have some of the most extensive live betting markets online.

Draftkings football sportsbook

Draftkings is a fantastic choice for those that are interested in mobile betting. They do have a desktop site, too, though!

How to read Football betting odds

Alright. You now have a sportsbook or two for your gambling fun. Before you can place a bet, it is worth knowing a little bit about how betting odds actually work. You will be surprised at how many people do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

How is NC football betting odds calculated?

We can’t tell you exactly how betting odds are calculated. It isn’t really an industry secret. It is just that every NC online sports betting site will have its own processes in place.

A sportsbook will use a rather complex algorithm to try and determine the likelihood of an event happening. This is probably all computerized nowadays. Once they have the odds ready, they unleash them on the world.

The eagle-eyed among you, however, will notice that betting odds don’t stay the same. They change as time goes on. This is because the sportsbook will tinker with the odds to ensure that they always make a profit.

It is the latter part which is why you should be signed up to multiple sportsbooks. Every site will have different odds depending on the way that their punters are leaning. This means that being on multiple betting sites will increase the likelihood of you being able to make an awesome bet at the best odds.

Determining the favorite bet for football betting in North Carolina

If you want to bet on the favorite, then you will want to look for a – next to the odds.

In futures markets, there may not be a betting market that is obviously the favorite. They may all look like underdog markets. This means they will have a + next to them. To determine the favorite, you would have to look at which market has the lowest odds number. We will discuss underdog bets in a short while.

If you see a -, then the number that follows is how much you would need to wager to win $100.

Determining the underdog bet for football betting in North Carolina

Underdog markets are highlighted with a + before the odds.

Calculating your winnings will be slightly different here. The number that follows the + is how much you will win if you should happen to stake $100.

Football betting markets in North Carolina

The next step is to choose the betting market that is right for you. We are going to break this down a little bit into beginner, intermediate, and experienced betting markets. These are broken up by risk and the amount of research that you will need to put into making a successful bet.

Beginner betting markets

Beginner betting markets include:

  • Moneylines. This is where you bet on the overall winner of a game.
  • Totals: this is where you bet on the combined score for the two teams

Obviously, there will be a small amount of risk when you are placing these bets. However, these bets should be easy to research. Looking into past stats and team performances will set you well on the way toward making a good bet. The betting odds should also give you a good indicator of what could potentially happen on that field.

Intermediate betting markets

There are two betting markets for the more intermediate gamblers.

Point spreads. These are similar to moneylines. However, the favorite for the game will begin with a point handicap. You will be gambling on whether you believe that team will overcome the point handicap. If you bet on the underdog, then the underdog either has to win or prevent the opposing team from beating them by a certain number of points.

Futures bets sit on the cusp of being for more experienced gamblers. This is because they can take months to pay off. With futures, you will be betting on future events e..g. the winner of the NFL Playoffs, etc.

Experienced betting markets

Experienced betting markets are limited to prop bets or side bets, as you may know, them.

This is where you bet on smaller events in a game. This can include the number of passing yards for a player when the first touchdown is scored. The score at the halfway point of the game, etc.

Researching your Football bets

The final step is to carry out a little bit of research to ensure that the bets that you are making have a chance of coming through.

We are firm advocates of the idea that you can bet on absolutely anything that you want. However, if you do place a bet, then you need to ensure that you have at least some evidence to back it up.

The following would be legitimate sources that you can use.

News articles

News articles are always going to be your go-to source if you are looking for information on bets to place.

News articles, of course, won’t tell you the exact bets that you should be making. Instead, you will use them to find out about team news, injury news, etc.

News articles may even give you a rough idea about team morale. If there seem to be a ton of rumors going around that one of the coaches could lose their job, or the star player is not turning up to training, then this could be an indication that there is something wrong with the team.

Team stats

Most football teams will have information on their website about past performances. You can find this information all over the internet. If you read all of this stuff, then you may be able to place prop bets a little bit easier. You will certainly start to build up an idea of whether a team is going to win or not.

Betting tips

We know that there are some people that do not pay attention to betting tips. However, we find them incredibly useful for a few reasons.

The main is that they will give us a few betting ideas. We know that there are times when we have been a little bit hard-pressed to find a bet that we like. We have them used football betting tips in North Carolina to point us in the right direction.

Secondly, betting tips allowed us to get more experience in researching bets. We have been able to reverse engineer betting tips and work out how the tipster came to that conclusion. We can then use this knowledge to come up with our own betting ideas in the future.

Watching the sport

Of course, watching sports should give you an even better idea of how teams and players perform. You absolutely should not be betting on football if you are not regularly watching it.

NC Football betting FAQ

When can you bet on NFL games in North Carolina?

This will depend on the sportsbook. For most sportsbooks, futures will go live a few weeks before a season starts. For individual games, then it may be a couple of days. For the Super Bowl, it may be a few weeks.

Do you need an ID to bet on football in NC?

For most sportsbooks, when you make your first withdrawal, you will be asked to show a copy of a state-issued photo ID. This is to ensure that you are signed up to the site legally.

What is the minimum bet for football betting in NC?

Most sportsbooks will not have a minimum bet. This means that you may be able to place a bet for just a couple of cents. Although, do bear in mind that there will be minimum deposits and withdrawals. This may influence how much you can bet.

What is the maximum bet for football betting in North Carolina?

Most sportsbooks will have no maximum bet. However, you may want to pay attention to their maximum deposits and withdrawals. You don’t want to win thousands of dollars only to find that you need to spend a few weeks withdrawing it, right?

What are the best football betting tips in North Carolina?

The best football betting tips will come from experienced tipsters. Keep an eye out for betting tips in the few days before a game starts. If you look for tips too far in advance, they may not have considered the latest betting knowledge.